When searching for a masonry company there are several things to consider. Whether you are installing a patio, driveway or a complete landscape design you must choose the right contractor. There are several tips to vet a contractor that will narrow down your selection. Most contractors will offer free estimates or evaluations of your property. Try to book 3 estimates from different contractors that you feel comfortable with. Be sure to have a list of questions to ask the contractor prior to their arrival. Try to draw out your vision for your property the best you can. Here are 3 tips to find the best masonry company so you will be prepared.

1- Licensed & Insured: To perform construction work at your home or business your contractor must be licensed and insured. Some contractors have been known to let their insurance lapse or they work in a county they are not licensed in. Ask for proof of up to date insurance information as well as a valid licensed in the county you reside in. RJ Falcone is fully licensed and insured.


2- Current Work: Search the company you are looking to hire to see their current work. Visit their web design to view their photo galleries to gauge the types of projects they have completed. Each service that RJ Falcone provided has a detailed photo gallery for you viewing.


3- Testimonials: You can learn a lot by reading about past experiences on previous clients. Look on the internet and their web design for reviews and testimonials. See if they mention the owner by name so you are sure it is the same company.


We hope you enjoyed reading 3 tips to find the best masonry company. If you have any questions please contact us anytime.